Yann recently completed his second Feature Film score, 'Just Charlie', (co-composed) due for release in Spring 2017, which culminated in recording 14 musicians from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra to support the inspiring story of transgender teenager Charlie discovering her true self in an often unsympathetic world. His previous film 'Tea & Cake' (Merit Award winner at the Indiefest Festival) was Yann's first opportunity to score a feature after honing an approach across five Short Films (including festival selections for Aesthetica and Denver), over a decade composing music for TV (BBC, Channel 4, Five and Sky), plus international Cinema Promos (notably the highly successful ECA cinema promo which played across 3500 screens internationally, and was nominated for 2013 Music+Sound Awards best trailer / promo), and beyond. 

Yann has written additional original music for features including Spectre (2015-spa muzak), Far From The Madding Crowd (2015-orchestral Christmas Dance) and Dredd (2012-dub step source), plus various traditional / classic arrangements for The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), Belle (2013) and Quartet (2012).

Each assignment brings a fresh challenge, from writing / arranging for string quartet, through chamber strings to full orchestra, via world and contemporary line ups and programming. Yann has composed the music for over a dozen TV series. As a regular collaborator with Uppercut Films highlights have included working with a 50-piece choir singing in Pashtu to help convey the highs and lows of the Royal Marine's daily struggles with IED bombs, and for their documentary Mission Afghanistan (Channel 5) incorporating ethnic voices, then big ballsy orchestra and brass for Caribbean Patrol (Channel 5). A recent BBC brief was a contemporary ethnic twist to suit the topical "Marine A" scandal. He also created a vast library of world music for seven series of the critically acclaimed foreign affairs documentary strand Unreported World (Channel 4).

In tandem with his career as a Music Editor, each project brings different insights in working with creatives, and helping achieve the right score for each individual project.


ECA Trailer (2012)

Recalculating (2015)

Unreported World (2011)